Great Love – Victory!

Sophie Chang

Oil on canvas
115 x 182.5 cm




The texture of deep-dark subjugates O’er the suffering red raises Victory emerges and triumphs Great Love is the deacon in waves.

Sophie Chang, born in Taiwan. She works and lives in Taipei.

Sophie Chang’s profound, artistic style has evolved from many years of meditation. This meditative process has focused her mind on nature and manifested in her unique ‘inner landscapes’. 

Interview of Sophie Chang

By making the Great Love series, what kind of message were you trying to convey, regarding borders such as class, race, gender and religion?

I can only speak according to my personal view, as I do not think I am capable of representing the whole world. Even though from a religious angle, we should be equal, in practice there are not as ideal. Nevertheless, if we believe in equality, we should respect everyone regardless of their race and class. We are all humans.


Has the pandemic influenced your art-making?

During the pandemic, I was in self-isolation. Now I think of it, different regions have reacted differently. Many countries in the West were not used to wearing masks, while in Taiwan we wear masks and minimised the spread. Even so, we show respect to the different regions. During self-isolation, my life became simpler, and we reduced direct contact related charity activities because we also need to protect the volunteers. The pandemic will change and is changing the world and people. It let people more worry about self and surroundings. It was also war, as it is a punishment from the almighty.


As a well-known philanthropist, what is your aim and how do you express the charitable spirit through your visual work?

I never thought myself as a philanthropist, because when I was outside communicating with people, I was not helping, instead, it was the other’s experience helped us to learn that different people in a different environment, are having different feelings. We are blessed and feel grateful for what we have. I have always felt happy and positive in making art because I know the collector will have them, and therefore I put a lot of blessing and love in my art, hoping when they view the work, they will be delighted. Consciously and subconsciously, I still hope my little love can bring happiness to people, even though it is not as big as the religious love.

As a Chinese, do you think the ecology of contemporary art is related to your cultural identity?

I do not contact the art world that much but did view a great many artworks by the other people all over the world. Despite that, I was deeply educated by traditional Chinese culture, especially Confucianism and Buddhism. Therefore my ideas will get into my work through my hands, and Chinese culture is evidently seen. Nevertheless, I feel being an artist is a pure experience, my Chinese identity is one aspect, and the most essential thing is being a pure artist.


How has the pandemic influenced you, and what is your vision for the future?

It is hard to describe how exactly pandemic influenced me. But what I can say is that we will be more cautious. The world will treat the invisible virus as an enemy, while we will be careful treating each other. I will be more peaceful in making art, whilst in the past, I was more irritable. The one whose heart is full of love, should be confident and treat people equally.

Interview of Sophie Chang